Bohemia Mine Owners Association Inc.

Siete under construction we are working hard so please excuse the dust and debris!

BMOA Newsletter March 2018



BOHEMIA MINE OWNER’S                                                                    April, 2018

                President—Tom Pepiot, 541-844-8903  Vice President—Jessie Johnson  541-255-8059 Secretary—Lyn Perkins, 541-731-3687, Assistant Sec.---Sabina  Johnson, 541-359-5514, Treasurer—Nancy Pepiot, 541-767-9800,  Parks and Roads—Richard Stocking,541-736-6713    Claims—,  Patrol—Earl Kenady, 541-799-4923.



[email protected]




Keep this calendar for your information on coming events and meetings. As you know our general meetings are on the second Saturday of the month except May, June, July and August. There are no meetings.


All of the meetings are held at the Cottage Grove Community Center, in the Shepard Room at 400 E. Gibbs at 7:00 for the general meetings.


April—10th—5:00—B. Meeting, 6:00—P. Meeting,--7:00—G. Meeting. 28th.—claim clean up if weather permits.  Meet at Sharps Creek Bridge. (9:00)




May—1stCreswell Out door School at Cottage Grove Christian School.  9:00—4:00.      12thClaim clean up if we couldn’t do it on the 28th.  May 23rdCottage Grove Outdoor School.  9;30—3;00 at the Christian School.

June—14-17—Camp out on Little Red. 23rd—caravan.

July—4thCreswell Celebration. July 19-21 Bohemia Mining Days, On the 22 the Gold Diggers and Prospectors will hold their breakfast up on the mountain.

August 9-12thCampout possibly at the Four Aces.   17t-19hWOE Fair at the fair grounds.

September—8—meetings resume every second Saturday.  Nomination are opened for president and treasurer.  Boy Scouts panning event.

October—Meetings.  Nominations closed.

November—13th—Meetings.  Elections.

Happy Thanksgiving

December—15th—Christmas Party, 2:00 decorating, 5:00 dinner.

Keep an ear out for Thurston’ outdoor school.s


We need volunteers for all of the events. Let any of the officers know if you are interested or phone Nancy at 541-767-9800 or 541-870-7137.  We appreciate the help and getting to know our members.  We always enjoy working with each other




Many of our members have let their dues lapse.  I let them go for one month then drop those late from the current membership list.  Just look at your membership card to see when they are due. 

The dues are a large part of our finances.  With our dues and events we give out a scholarship each year and help with some of the other problems in other districts.

Please send your dues to:

BMOA P.O. Box 421

Cottage Grove, Or 97424

Renewal___                New_____






Single 25.00____________________

Family 30.00_____________________

Lic. Plate #______________________



Dues can also be paid at any of the BMOA meetings or events.

Remember—This is your association also so please help support it.  Hope to see all of you at the meetings and at the rest of the events this year.  Camp out and caravan.




Once again a reminder if your going up into the district please let someone know.  It’s the time for snow and rain fall up there and it can be dangerous. According to the parks and roads chairman the roads are pretty rough and there may be some trees down.  We want all of our members to be safe up in the district at all times.

Radio dues are now due.  February is the month to pay them. If you have a radio the dues are 24.00 a year for each radio whether you are on the patrol or not.                                         Below:

Name_______________R Call. #_________

Send to:  BMOA,

                P.O.Box 421   

       Cottage Grove, Or. 97424

Phone Earl: 541-799-4923




WOE will have a royal court this year and The Bohemia Mine Owner’s  will be a sponsor for it.

There will be four age groups ages 6-18.  Eight to twelve candidates will be picked.

Deadline is April 30 at midnight.

Web site is:

[email protected]


 MSHA classes-----

MSHA classes will be held April 28 in the Shephard Room at the Cottage Grove Community Center it is from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  The cost this year is 20.00 a person due at the door.


We will be reviewing the students applying for scholarships at the April board meeting.  There are so many well deserving young people it is a hard choice, but it’s a choice we all are proud of being able to participate in.  Our scholarship is for 500.00 and this is the 5th year we have been able to do it. 

Thank you to all the members of BMOA.  If not for your hard work and participation this would not even be possible.


Remember there will be a special guest at the April meeting, Tom Bowmaker. 


Make sure you have all your permits ready, dredge season opens May 15.  Get all your mining equipment ready.




If you are unsure about land status, check with the nearest appropriate State, BLM, or USFS authorities


If you open a gate, close it.


If you must cross private land, get permission


If you make trash, take it home


If you drive, stay on open roads and ways


If it is growing, let it grow


If it is public land, use, share, and appreciate it


If it has obvious historic or scientific value, don’t disturb it


If you light a fire, control it.  Always pack a shovel, an axe, and a water bucket


Always pack a first aid kit


Always pack a spare tire and extra gasoline


Most Important: Have FUN and ENJOY!!




As a large group, many eyes are on us.  Just a few members actions can give us all a bad name-even when the rest of us are doing things the right way.


If we allow it to happen, just a few could ruin the opportunities for the rest of us.  If you see someone not following the guidelines, please take the time to discuss any issue with that person.  If that doesn’t resolve the issue, bring it to the attention of the BMOA Claim Chairperson so the issue can be taken care of immediately.


BMOA’s future is dependent on the willingness of all members to work together and make the effort to do things the right way.  Let’s all contribute to maintaining our ability to mine/

Prospect in the District and enjoy our claims.