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BMOA Newsletter March 2017



BOHEMIA MINE OWNER’S                                                                        March, 2017

                President—Tom Pepiot, 541-844-8903  Vice President—Jessie Johnson  541-255-8059 Secretary—Lyn Perkins, 541-946-1009, Assistant Sec.---Sabina  Johnson, 541-359-5514, Treasurer—Nancy Pepiot, 541-767-9800  Parks and Roads—Richard Stocking,541-736-6713    Claims—Bob Kosto,  Patrol—Earl Kenady, 541-799-4923.


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      What a way to start off the year other than a new President and no its not me you all will be stuck with me for another 2 years, the one I’m talking about is President Trump and I’m sure you all are tired of the politics but we have good news with Trump and the way he is spinning heads we may come out pretty well.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

   I would like to thank all the volunteers we had last year at our events.  We can’t do it without your help and your dedication to the BMOA is what makes us who we are.

   We have put MMAC on the shelf right now, that means we are not moving forward with joining them at this time. We support MMAC in all their efforts.

   The BMOA has been running all of the Bohemia Mining District Business for many years.  We have agreements with the BLM and Forest Service.  Over the years and up to this day we continue to work hand in and with these agencies along with Lane County to keep the Bohemia District active to encourage, protect and preserve mining in the District.

   The homeless camping issues on some claims have led to the BMOA having an important role in keeping areas clean, and deterring these activities.

   We adopted Mineral Camp site and the Lane County road that travels through the District. 

   We stay in contact with local law enforcement and are notified of any issues that affects us or any claim owners in the district.  So a long story short we are very active and there are things we are looking into adopting possibly that will make us more efficient in running the Bohemia District, therefore be better at serving our members and claim owners

   There is going to be a miners rally at the State Capital in Salem, March 15th from 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m..  Hope you all can make it and show your support to fight off theses ridiculous bills we have in Oregon and Washington. 

   I hope to see you at the meetings and see you up in the District this year.



Gold Bless





   Oregon miners rally is planned for March 15th.  See info below.  Stats at 8:00am until 5:00pm.  We have an 18 foot space like we had at the 2013 rally.  We reserved the front of the Capitol steps and below to the main side walk curb area.  There will be a podium with microphone and speakers as we had in 2013.  We still need to decide how many tables to rent and they will provide as many chairs needed for free.  We still need to decide who will provide the banners, mining equipment and sign post for people to carry around if we think the carry around signs are necessary.  We may have a panning booth outside the capitol step area like 2013.  Needless to say we need a work committee to firm up all the details.  Contact person is Tom Quintal 503-371-9747.  Eben Ray said he would be our MC coordinator to handle speaker introductions like he did in 2013 for the rally.  I need to speak with Chuck Chase EOMA, Scott Atkinson NWMA, Kerby Jackson, Galice Mining Assoc., Tom Pepiot, Bohemia Mining Association and some of the GPAA Oregon chapters.  Sam at Armadillo mining  said they might he able to send a bus to Salem for miners to participate at the rally.

   Some of us will be contacting Senators and Representatives to join us at the podium to say some positive things about how mining helps rural Oregon communities etc.

   I called and left voice messages to OCAPA Rich Angstrom and OMA Dave Honeycutt more than once to find out if they know of any new anti-mining bills and have not received a reply from either one.  Will keep trying.

   Will keep everyone informed as we finalize every part of our Oregon mining rally.

Tom Q.  WVM

“Government governs best that governs least”.

Thomas Jefferson





   We still have our monthly meetings on the second Saturday of each month. (January-April and September-December.  Board; 5:00, Patrol; 6:00 and the General Meeting at 7:00.  As you see above there are no meetings in May-August.  In May thru August we will be having our fund raising events.  Watch for our campouts and caravan dates.

   Below is a calendar of events, giving you an idea of what’s going on this summer.  Please read it and volunteer for any or all of the events.  Even an hour gives someone a break during the day.


March 11—5:00-B. Meeting, 6:00-P. Meeting, 7:00-G. Meeting.  For the G. Meeting we will be making a trip to the museum. 15th 8:00-5:00-Meeting in Salem.


April 8—Meetings, 5:00-7:00.  22nd, claim clean up.  Meet at Sharps Creek Bridge, 9:00am. Weather permitting. Bring  lunches.

May no meetings.  Claim clean up if the weather was bad on April 22nd.  15th or 16th possible out door school.  Memorial Day Weekend, dredge days for the association.


June-6th and 8th Thurston Outdoor School.  Will need volunteers.  23-25TH ASSOCIATION CAMP OUT.  CLAIM TO BE DECIDED.


July and August are our largest fund raising months. VOLUNTEER, VOLUNTEER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 4th, Creswell Festival.  Carol  or Duane—541-726-5350.

July 13-16---Bohemia Mining Days. Call Nancy to volunteer.

August 18-20  WOE  Fair.  Call Jessie, 541-255-8059 to volunteer.

To volunteer for   Out door schools-Duane-541-726-5350.

You can call any officer for information.  They are listed at the top of the first page.

VOLUNTEER!!!!VOLUNTEER!!!!!!  We always need help.


If you have not paid your radio dues at this time they will now be pro-rated.

Call Earl (541-799-4923)  if you see anything suspicious up in the mining district.  There is still snow in areas and the roads are still pretty rough. Be extremely careful when traveling up in the district.  Remember dredging season starts May 15.





A hammer mill—Contact Lyn Perkins for the particulars.  541-946-1009.


We now have a new claim to be added to the BMOA Association.  We have acquired the Why Not.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing what gold is taken out as well as there being nice camping areas.  Check it out this summer.




At the police station, Bubba explained to the police officer why his cousins shot him.  “Well” Bubba began, “We waz havin’ a good time drinking, when my cousin Ray picked up his shotgun and said, ‘Hey, der ya fellows wanna go hunting’?”  “And then what happened?” the officer interrupted.  “From what I remember,” Bubba said, “I stood up and said, “sure, I’m game.”




In February The Bohemia Mine Owners lost another one of their own.

Bill Stutzman passed away at home with his family at his side.

Many of you will remember Bill as a carver, he bought some of his items to a Christmas Party, and he loved the camp outs.

We will all miss him and his happy go lucky ways and great sense of humor.

Let our prayers be with Mary his wife and his two daughters.



Al  Gorski is fighting a debilitating illness.  The Leukemia is in remission but the illness is now in other parts of his body.  We’re all praying for you Al and for Janie. 

Jodi Rolette is still waiting for the scheduling of her surgery.  It has been postponed once already.  Get well Jodi.

Lets keep all those that are ill in our thoughts and prayers.



Many of our members have let their dues lapse.  I let them go for one month then drop those late from the current member ship.  Just look at your membership card to see when they are due.

The dues are a large part of our finances.  With our dues and events we give out a scholarship each year and help with some of the other problems in other districts.

Please send your dues to:


P.O.Box 421

Cottage Grove, Or 97424



Renewal___           New_______








Phone #________________________________


Single 25.00________________


Family  30.00_____________________


Lic. Plate#___________________________




Dues can also be paid at any of the BMOA meetings or events.

Remember—This is your association also so please help support it.


Hope to see all of you at the meetings and at all the events and fun times this summer.


Times to be decided for the caravans.  Keep in touch.