Bohemia Mine Owners Association Inc.

Siete under construction we are working hard so please excuse the dust and debris!

Teaching Panning

What is Going on

July 4th, Creswell Festival.  Carol  or Duane—541-726-5350.

July 13-16---Bohemia Mining Days. Call Nancy to volunteer.

August 18-20  WOE  Fair.  Call Jessie, 541-255-8059 to volunteer.

Mining News

Miners Blog

Sure could use a little good news
Karaoke on the mountain was fun

President—Tom Pepiot, 541-844-8903  Vice President—Jessie Johnson  541-255-8059 Secretary—Lyn Perkins, 541-946-1009, Assistant Sec.---Sabina  Johnson, 541-359-5514, Treasurer—Nancy Pepiot, 541-767-9800  Parks and Roads—Richard Stocking,541-736-6713    Claims—Bob Kosto,  Patrol—Earl Kenady, 541-799-4923.