Bohemia Mine Owners Association Inc.


Teaching Panning

What is Going on

July 4th, Creswell Festival.  Carol  or Duane—541-726-5350.

July 13-16---Bohemia Mining Days. Call Nancy to volunteer.

August 18-20  WOE  Fair.  Call Jessie, 541-255-8059 to volunteer.

Mining News

Miners Blog

Sure could use a little good news
Karaoke on the mountain was fun

President—Tom Pepiot, 541-844-8903  Vice President—Jessie Johnson  541-255-8059 Secretary—Lyn Perkins, 541-946-1009, Assistant Sec.---Sabina  Johnson, 541-359-5514, Treasurer—Nancy Pepiot, 541-767-9800  Parks and Roads—Richard Stocking,541-736-6713    Claims—Bob Kosto,  Patrol—Earl Kenady, 541-799-4923.