Bohemia Mine Owners Association Inc.


BMOA Newsletter July 2018



BOHEMIA MINE OWNER’S                                                                   May-June , 2018

President—Tom Pepiot, 541-844-8903  Vice President—Jessie Johnson  541-255-8059 Secretary—Lyn Perkins, 541-731-3687, Assistant Sec.---Sabina  Johnson, 541-359-5514, Treasurer—Nancy Pepiot, 541-767-9800,  Parks and Roads—Richard Stocking,541-736-6713    Claims—,  Patrol—Earl Kenady, 541-799-4923.


[email protected]


Keep this calendar for your information on coming events and meetings. As you know our general meetings are on the second Saturday of the month except May, June, July and August. There are no meetings.

All of the meetings are held at the Cottage Grove Community Center, in the Shepard Room at 400 E. Gibbs at 7:00 for the general meetings.

There will be no meetings until September.  Our summer is full with all the events planned. July—4th—Creswell Celebration. July 19-21 Bohemia Mining Days, On the 22 the Gold Diggers and Prospectors will hold their breakfast up on the mountain.

August 9-12th—Campout possibly at the Four Aces.   17t-19h—WOE Fair at the fair grounds.

September—8—meetings resume every second Saturday.  Nomination are opened for president and treasurer.  Boy Scouts panning event.

October—Meetings.  Nominations closed.

November—13th—Meetings.  Elections.

Happy Thanksgiving 

December—15th—Christmas Party, 2:00 decorating, 5:00 dinner.

Keep an ear out for Thurston’ outdoor schools. 

We need volunteers for all of the events. Let any of the officers know if you are interested or phone Nancy at 541-767-9800 or 541-870-7137.  We appreciate the help and getting to know our members.  We always enjoy working with each other

We hope to see everyone at our campouts.  If you don’t want to spend the weekend come up for the pot luck.  We would like as many as possible to pan sluice or dredge for gold that weekend.  The Association is low on our gold for all the events.  Hope to see as many there as possible and it’s a great time to meet all of the other members.  Bring your favorite dish and enjoy.  The BMOA is furnishing the buns, hotdogs and burgers.

We need all the volunteers for all the coming events.  Contact Nancy, Tom or any BMOA officer to volunteer.  The phone numbers are at the top of the page.

Enclosed some important new rules for some of the mining claims.  


War Eagle/Westside/Ynot

With these claims you will all notice there are steel yellow posts that have been placed to restrict the

Camping access due to the trash dumping and homelessness that has been occurring in our area.  These

Are the first efforts to try and stop these types of activities and still allow mine claim owners access to the mining claims.  The following guidelines to manage these claims may change as new issues arise.  These claims will be patrolled by BMOA Mine patrol. BLM, LEO, and the Lane County Sheriff.  Please treat the agency representatives with respect.  KEYS WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM 05/14 THRU 11/30.

Guidelines for obtaining and maintaining these claims:

1.   A refundable $50 key deposit will be required to obtain the key to access the claim.  The $50 will be

Refunded AFTER each authorized person returns the key AND pictures that show the camp when you first arrive; and, a picture when you have left.  (Read more in the next section.) DO NOT DUPLICATE THESE KEYS.  The number to call for your key is 541-844-8903, ask for Tom.  These keys are to be picked up on the way up to the claim; then, returned on your way down from the mountain.

a) Each authorized person who would like to access the claim for motorized mining will need to complete a sign-up sheet.  They will need to provide their name, address, phone number, vehicle description, license plate number, and the number in their party.

b) There may be more than one person authorized to use their motorized mining equipment on these claims.  Each authorized person must complete the required paperwork.  The authorized person that is already on the claim will be responsible for closing and locking the yellow post; and, opening and unlocking the yellow post for any authorized vehicle/member to come onto the property. The post is to be up and locked while claim is in use.

c) These are public lands and we are to treat the general public with respect as they do have the right to camp on these sites as well.  If there are any issues, you are asked to contact the names at the bottom of this list.

2. For those who obtain a key, anyone who is authorized to be on the claim will need to take pictures of the claim showing the date and time when they arrive and when they leave.  You can text the picture to 541-844-8903 or E-mail [email protected]  This is to ensure that the camp is clean when you leave; this is before your refund can be returned.  Reminder: if you pack it in, you can pack it out.  And, we believe that we leave the area cleaner than the way we found it.

3. These claims are for active motorized mining.  Those who just want to camp will be subjected to the regular camp rules of parking near the road and walking in to camp.  Just having a pan and shovel in the camp does not mean you are actively mining.  Members who use these claims for private party sites are subject to losing membership privileges.

4. Be friendly as there may be more members that wish to camp at a particular site.  Don’t block access and remember to try and make room for others.

5. Your membership “plaque” (Dash card) must be in the windshield and up to date.

6. Guests will be asked to park outside the post without blocking access to the claim.

7. Those who are behind the post with unauthorized vehicles will be risking the loss of their membership status, and possible citation from law enforcement.  If you are found to have duplicated a key, you will also be risking the loss of your membership status to the Bohemia Mine Owner’s Association.

       Numbers to call for access or an emergency:

       President        Tom Pepiot 541-844-8903

       Vice President   Jessie Johnson 541-255-8059 

        Mine Patrol   Earl Kenady 541-799-4923


Saturday, July 07, 2018

Meet at Walmart parking lot near Bus park and ride.  Look for a gray Toyota Tundra with Bohemia Mine Patrol signs.

Be there at 7:00 AM and we will depart at 7:30 AM.  We will be at Sharps Creek at turn out/road after bridge.  Will leave area at approximately 8:30 AM.

Fire season may be in affect so stay tuned to the web site for info or give me a call-Tom-541-844-8903.

Four wheel drive recommended.  We would like to have as few vehicles as possible, so if you have a vehicle that has multiple seating let me know.


Fill up with gas, bring a lunch, plenty of water, (for you and your rig), spare tire, boots or shoes.  The terrain can be extreme, so be prepared

[email protected]


In remembrance

In 1989 I was in charge of the Parish Center Hall at the Catholic Church where the OIM was having a conference for the mining Associations.  They had a guest speaker who knew just about everything there was to know about the history and makeup of the Bohemia District.  A tall man with a great sense of humor, he kept everyone sitting silently in their seats for quite a while, with a few snickers and a laugh or two.  Dick Penterich (the Professor) showed everyone who  came in contact with him what it was like to care about everyone and how to live life to its fullest.

In a few months my husband Ralph and our son Tommy and myself got to know him as a great friend and an avid miner up in the district.  He owned the Honimai Claim.

I remember him coming into camp and declaring he was seeing things, a peacock walked in front of him down the road.  You should have heard him when later a mama pig and six babies crossed the road in front of him on the Y-Not.  He’d come up Sharps Creek Road and we always knew it was Dick.  He drove a little VWBug with his big dredge tied on top, and one light going up the side hill and the other down toward the creek.

He would sit in our camp and visit for hours.  He’d teach Tommy everything he could about the mountain and the creek beds, what kind of rocks to look for and just the lay of the land.

He was a History Prof at Portland State.  He put his knowledge to good use.  

We lost Dick May, 05, 2018.  He will be greatly missed, especially by The Bohemia Mine Owner’s Association 

and all who know him.

Rest in peace Dick.  May you find that big nugget in Heaven.



Amber Keen is currently undergoing radiation treatment. Let’s remember Amber and her family in our prayers.  David and Amber are members of BMOA.  Get well soon Amber.


The nugget contest and the new member ship contest.

Get started now.  We already have a few members who have signed up people.




Many of our members have let their dues lapse.  I let them go for one month then drop those late from the current membership list.  Just look at your membership card to see when they are due.  

The dues are a large part of our finances.  With our dues and events we give out a scholarship each year and help with some of the other problems in other districts.

Please send your dues to:

BMOA P.O. Box 421

Cottage Grove, Or 97424

Renewal___                New_____





Single 25.00____________________

Family 30.00_____________________

Lic. Plate #______________________


Dues can also be paid at any of the BMOA meetings or events.

Remember—This is your association also so please help support it.  Hope to see all of you at the meetings and at the rest of the events this year.  Camp out and caravan.


On  April 4th a member of  BMOA went on to meet our Lord.  We must say good-bye to David Elliot who lost a battle with cancer.  Our love and prayers go out to his wife and family.

BMOA will miss him and remember him.


Once again a reminder if your going up into the district please let someone know.  It’s the time for snow and rain fall up there and it can be dangerous. According to the parks and roads chairman the roads are pretty rough and there may be some trees down.  We want all of our members to be safe up in the district at all times.

Radio dues are now due.  February is the month to pay them. If you have a radio the dues are 24.00 a year for each radio whether you are on the patrol or not.                                         Below:

Name_______________R Call. #_________

Send to:  BMOA,

                P.O.Box 421    

       Cottage Grove, Or. 97424

Phone Earl: 541-799-4923

Largest nugget rules.

Will go by weight.  Catch(ha-ha) you nugget now.  We will weight them at the September meeting.  Must be caught this season.  No old ones.

Largest nugget 4yr. membership 2nd place 2yr. membership.

New membership contest.

Must be new members renewals do not count.  Write your name on the top of each application and turn in to Nancy.  Will decide the winner of this contest in October.

Most memberships 5 yr. membership, 2nd place, 3 yr. membership 3rd place 1yr. membership. 



There will be a memorial celebration for Renegade at Bohemia Park on July 14th.  Everyone that knew him, visited the Christo Countessa Mining claim friends and fellow miners are welcome.

Tony was a fixture up in the Bohemia District.  He was always willing to help some one in trouble and was always ready with stories and mining information.

From all of us that knew him you are missed Tony (Renegade) Bratton.   



Remember the raffle.  We will be selling  tickets at all the events.  We have several great prizes again this year.