Bohemia Mine Owners Association Inc.


BMOA Claims 

The BMOA has 8 claims that members and their families can go on to camp and/or mine for gold; and, you can keep the gold!

         Association Claim Rules

1.  No Fires unless in designated campsites, Camp stoves permitted anytime, with caution. "NOTE FIRE SEASON" when there are signs with no camp fires that means NO campfires.

2.  ADULT NON-MEMBER GUEST.  Guest activities are restricted to panning only until they become a BMOA member.

3.  No dredge larger than 4 inches on BMOA Claims unless designated.

4.  Leave NO trash.  Please remove trash of others, leave each site better than you found it.  Dogs are welcome while under control. 


5.  Backfill all holes.  DO NOT undermine trees and dredging is limited to active stream channels.

6.  Members are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits.  Any large scale operation or operation longer than 5 days shall be submitted in writing to this association before starting work.

 7.  Please fill out claim report when you visit any claim.  This information will be used in annual assessment paperwork.  Contents include:  Date, claim, days stayed, persons names, and claim condition.  E-mail, or send note, to BMOA.

The Claims are all up the Sharps Creek area and every claim is posted with a bright YELLOW BMOA Mining sign. 

Arrows on the signs indicate upper or lower parts of the claim.

War Eagle 3---- on Sharps Creek 1 mile upstream

Westside Placer--on Sharps Creek 3 miles upstream

Westside Placer Claim

The Placer Claim--on Sharps Creek 12 miles upstream

Big Bend & Argentite Placer Claims--on Martin Creek 2.3 miles

 also known as "The Combination"

4 Aces--Martin Creek 3 miles upstream

4 Aces Placer Claim


Exodus--.5 mile upstream on Quartz Creek next to Combination Claim

Exodus Placer Claim

Little Red-- on Martin Creek 2 miles upstream from the bridge

Little Red Placer Claim