Bohemia Mine Owners Association Inc.

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Membership Application

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BMOA Membership Application


Bohemia Mine Owners Association is a non-profit corporation serving the interests of the Bohemia Mining District located in Lane County in the State of Oregon.  It is involved in preserving the historical heritage of the area.  The Association is a leader in activities concerned with education related to mining and its benefit to society.


New _________             Renewal_________                   Associate _________     Mining Only _________


Name:  _____________________________________________________________________________


Address:  ___________________________________________________________________________


City: _____________________________ State: _______________________ Zip:  _________________


Phone Number:  __________________________ Email Address:  ______________________________


Primary Vehicle:  ______________________________________________________________________

                                 (Make)                                    (Model)                                      (License Plate Number)


Are you currently a:  (Please check all that apply)


Claim Owner ________ Operator ________ Prospector ________ Other ___________   


Oregon Motorized Mining Permit # _________________________.  Note:  Miners MUST have all the appropriate permits (if applicable) as BMOA will not allow motorized mining on the claims without proper permits.


Please choose one of the following:


Single Active Membership $25/year _____


Family Active Membership $30/year _____


New Associate Single Membership $25/year _____


New Associate Family Membership $30/year _____


Motorized Mining Only Membership $500/year (plus Membership Fees) _____


Note:  All Fees Paid are NOT Refundable


            Please mail your completed Application form to:             


         P. O. Box 421

            Cottage Grove, OR  97424


I understand that the correct fees must be sent in with the completed application form and I agree to follow all BMOA rules and By-Laws detailed in each Membership Packet.


Signed by:  ________________________________________________ Dated:  ___________________


You may bring the completed form to a BMOA General Meeting.  Please allow 5-7 days for the Membership Packet to be processed and mailed to you.  Any incomplete applications or incorrect membership fee payments will delay the processing of your Application.  Thank you!

More information is available at:

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Membership Information as of March 1, 2016


Section 2 – Annual Dues – The annual dues payable to the Association by members shall be set by a majority vote of the Association members present at a general meeting.  The Board shall be responsible for establishment of the dues schedule.

a.    Membership dues are to be paid on or before the anniversary date of which a member joined the Association

1.     There are three (3) levels of Association Membership.  These membership fees may be changed by the Executive Board of Directors, or their appointed committee, if, and/or when, the Oregon State Moratorium on gold mining is changed

a.       Active Membership:  $25/year for Singles; $30/year for Family units (2 adults with child/children under 18)

o   Active members are actively involved in the club functions; they are not just mining the BMOA claims.  They will receive a white vehicle placard permit that must be visible on the dashboard of every vehicle while on BMOA claims. 

o   Active members are those persons/families that have been members of the club previous to this Membership Packet and they may continue to mine on all BMOA claims

o   ALL Active members will have to complete the new application at their time of renewal; every year and stay actively involved with no lapses in membership.  As per BMOA Bylaws, all active members must participate in three (3) activities (meetings or events), each year, to maintain active status

o   “Active Membership” allows activity in the Bohemia District on all BMOA claims

b.      Associate Membership:  $25/year for Singles; $30/year for Families

o   New Associate members are new to the association and/or re-applying for membership, will undergo a one year probationary period subject to ongoing participation/review.

o   New Associate members will receive a florescent yellow vehicle placard permit that must be visible on the dashboard of every vehicle while on BMOA claims

o   New Associate members using NON-motorized equipment only (sluicing and/or panning) can work all claims requiring NO reservations

o   New Associate Members can pay an additional fee to the regular annual membership fee in order to use motorized mining equipment (motorized equipment includes high-banking and/or dredging) on the Westside Placer Claim and/or the War Eagle 3 Claim. 


They must make reservations in order to use these sites with the motorized mining equipment.  There will be a $25.00 weekend reservation pass fee; or, a $50.00 weekly reservation pass fee.  You may make reservation for up to 14 days.  Each reservation will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Please contact Lyn Perkins at 541-946-1009 to make your reservation

o   Membership levels will be re-evaluated during annual renewal with regards to participation in BMOA functions throughout the year (continue to visit the BMOA website for upcoming activities)

c.       Non-participating Membership – Mining Only:  $500 mining fee for allowing motorized equipment (high-banking and/or dredging) mining on claims within the Bohemia District.  *Plus annual membership fee of $25/year for Singles; $30/year for Family

o   Non-participating members are people who may live out of state and/or are unable to participate in BMOA meeting or activities; or, they are members who do not wish to participate in BMOA meeting or activities but desire access to mine at all BMOA claims

o   The $500 fee will be set aside to financially support legal fees on mining issues

o   Non-participating members will receive a florescent green vehicle placard permit that must be visible on the dashboard of every vehicle while on BMOA claims

o   Non-participating members must make reservations in order to work any of the BMOA claims with the motorized mining equipment.  There will be no additional fees for daily or weekly reservation passes and you can make your reservations for up to 14 days.  These passes will be made on a first come, first serve basis.  Please contact Lyn Perkins at 541-946-1009 to make your reservation

2.    All members are responsible for their own operating permits, as regulated by the State of Oregon and BLM, for abiding by established mining guidelines and surface mining guidelines, on any of the BMOA claims

3.    All members are responsible for complying with the Claim Guidelines and General Rules as stated in the BMOA Membership Packet

4.    All members must comply with the Umpqua National Forest Regulations; obey the State and U.S. Forest Fire Laws; comply with State Department of Environmental Quality Requirements; and leave the land clean and attractive for yourself and others




Signed by:  _________________________________  Date:  _______________



Effective Date:  March 1, 2016

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Notice to All New Member Applicants


New membership after March 1, 2016 will be under two categories until further notice.


1.    Associate Membership:  $25 per single person; $30 per family.  An additional fee of $25/weekend; or, $50/week, on a reservation basis only, for any “MOTORIZED MINING” (motorized includes high-banking and dredging only).  To make a reservation you must contact Lyn Perkins at 541-946-1009.  This membership will be limited to two BMOA claim sites only:  The Westside Placer Claim and/or the War Eagle 3 Claim. 


Note:  Non-motorized only includes sluicing and panning and can work ALL claims.


Associate Members are invited, and encouraged, to participate in all club activities, events, and meetings.


2.    Non-participating Membership:  $25 per single person; $30 per family, annually, PLUS $500/year for “MOTORIZED MINING” on ALL BMOA claims.   Reservations must be made (with NO additional fees) for up to 14 days by contacting Lynn Perkins at 541-946-1009.


NOTE:  Current members will need to submit a new application each year on their membership anniversary date in order to maintain an active and participating status.


All members are subject to BMOA by-laws and rules as well as being personally responsible for any,and all, Federal, State, and various agency rules and regulations.


Members will be issued vehicle placard permits that MUST be visible on the dashboard of every vehicle while on BMOA claims.


·         White permit:  Pre-2016 membership (existing members)

·         Florescent Yellow permit:  New-Associate Member

·         Florescent Green permit:  Non-Participating Member


Bohemia Mine Patrol will be checking claims and reservations in cooperation with law enforcement for compliance with regards to the BMOA Membership Packet.