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Bohemia Mine Owner?s Association Inc.

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Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424



    Several mine owners and operators conducting metal mining operations in the Bohemia Mining District organized the Bohemia Mine Owner's Association in 1903.  The Bohemia Mining District is located 35 miles southeast of Cottage Grove in the Calapooya Mountain Range.  The District is approximately 25 square miles in size and contains ores rich in gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, and iron.


   In the early years the association's purpose was primarily that of a sounding board for an exchange of mining information between the 2,000 claim owners in the district. Today the BMOA has over 300 members and is still a sounding board for exchanging mining information among the miners.

    The BMOA is very active and supportive of the Bohemia Mining District and the local community.  Here are a few of the many activities that BMOA is currently involved with that benefit our members and the community

  • BMOA formed the Bohemia Mine Patrol.  The patrol is part of a neighborhood watch program to assist travelers, report crimes, and detour vandalism in the mining district
  • BMOA participates and supports local community events by teaching the public how to pan for gold.  Provides historical information, floats, mining equipment, mining demonstrations, and general information about mining and the Bohemia Mining District
  • BMOA has mining claims that are open to BMOA members for mining.  The claims are used to educate members, tour groups, children, and the general public in gold panning and mining operations
  • BMOA adopted Champion Creek Road, Sharps Creek Road, Ray Nelson Bohemia Saddle Park, and Mineral Camp Park.  The BMOA assists Lane county and the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in performing maintenance and litter control on the Parks and Roads
  • BMOA supports efforts to protect miner?s rights granted under the 1872 General Mining Laws


   The BMOA thanks you for allowing us to introduce ourselves, our goals, and projects.  

Sincerely yours,


Tom Pepiot

BMOA President 2019



Bohemia Mine Owner's Association's 2019 Officers

President - Tom Pepiot - 541-767-0656 - [email protected]

V. President - Jessie Johnson - 541-255-8059; 

Recording Secretary - Lynn Perkins - 541-731-3687- [email protected]

Corresponding Secretary - Carrolle Wetch - 541-726-5350; 

Treasurer - Nancy Pepiot - 541-767-9800, [email protected]

Committees and Chairs:  

Patrol, Roads and Parks - Earl Kenady-541-799-4923; 

Claims - Dennis Hebard; 

Membership - Nancy Pepiot-541-767-9800- [email protected]

Events Coordinator - Duane Mayberry -541-870-7588; 

Liaison - Will be handled as needed; 

Committee chosen by BMOA Board; 

Newsletter Editor - Nancy Pepiot-541-767-9800 - [email protected]

Website- Tom Pepiot -541-767-0656 - [email protected]